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Workshop about ideation, networking, learning.

Ideation around entrepreneurship

In this workshop we will hear startup company Commu’s story (free mobile app to offer and trade services) and especially hear about the funding options from a startup point of view. Commu’s Karoliina Kauhanen will be there to share their story and answer your questions. You will also get to continue (or start) creating your own business ideas, make market research etc. – real hands-on work! And of course, we will network and help one another to reach their entrepreneurial dreams!

  • Hear mobile app Commu’s story
  • Learn about funding options from a startup point of view 
  • Develop your ideas about business and opportunities 
  • Network 
Networking, learning and developing your ideas

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When? Wednesday 23.11. @15-18
Where? Proakatemia, Finlaysoninkuja 21A, 5th floor

Who are we

The workshops are organized by Mind Me Solutions Oy and they are implemented in cooperation with the New Growth -project. Participation requires filling out a personal information form for project reporting.


We are a team coaching company. Our special expertise is group-based, dialogue-based coaching and workshops.

Greetings from the coaches

Marianne Murto

“Entrepreneurship is a great option to build worklife that you feel passionate about. I wish to help people find their strengths and the courage to bravely follow their dreams – with the help of others”

Mona Räsänen

”As a coach, I hope I can increase insights and concrete progress in people’s lives towards happier lives. There is a certain kind of power in these kind of group workshops: you don’t have to do everything alone in the world, you just have to find the right people around you.

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